The T-shirt, back to basic

    The T-shirt is the essential of our outfits and our wardrobes and especially the symbol of streetwear. Long hidden under the shirts or considered as an undergarment, the T-shirt has been in good shape since the 50s, thanks to James Dean and Marlon Brando. They popularize the t-shirt making it trendy and casual.

    The t-shirt is no longer camouflaged under a shirt but becomes a garment in its own right. Among its multiple functions, the t-shirt today serves to express its political opinion, its personal convictions or to proudly display its favorite music group ... thanks to collaborations between brands and artists (we immediately think of the capsule collection QHUIT x Joey Starr).

    V-neck, round neck, street wear t-shirt, short-sleeved or long-sleeved, it displays its prints, patterns, embroidery to offer us a trendy style. Basic t-shirt or graphic t-shirt, t-shirt with print on the chest or small embroidery that make the difference, there is something for everyone.

    QHUIT offers us streetwear t-shirts, 100% cotton, that do not move after 50 washes ... even if you spill your pint of beer on it, promised.


    Pulls, sweats, hoodies, pour toutes saisons et occasions

    Le pull n'est pas seulement un vêtement hivernal, on peut le porter à toute occasion. Le pull est le fringue indispensable de notre armoire. En toute saison, le pull, le sweat ou le hoodie apporte la touche finale à notre tenue.

    Le terme de «pull» de l'anglais «Pull-Over» signifie «tire par-dessus» désignant la façon d’enfiler le vêtement, sans bouton ni fermeture-éclair. Donc si on capte bien, un pull c'est pratique mais c'est encore mieux si c'est esthétique!

    QHUIT propose tous styles de sweats et de hoodies, du pull uni qu'on peut porter au boulot, au hoodie street wear coloré à motif ou à logo, à porter lors d'un festival. Il y en a pour tous les goûts! QHUIT allie parfaitement le streetwear et l'élégance en proposant des pulls en maille et des hoodies en 100% coton.


    At QHUIT, with each style his coat

    "Long-sleeved, front-buttoned clothing that is worn outside to protect against the cold." The coat and jacket did not always have an aesthetic function but were mostly used to protect against the cold, rain and wind. Today, although the coat or jacket still serve to protect us, its aesthetic appearance remains important. Jackets, coats, parkas ... there is an endless list of styles.

    At QHUIT, whether you're wearing the jacket on a summer evening with friends, or a winter jacket with a nice beer to warm up, the style is a must for every season! As usual, the brand streetwear QHUIT adopts the trend of the moment while being shifted. The brand addresses styles of jackets and coats patterns, velvet, or waterproof (always in case you spill your beer!). But also long jackets, down jackets, in a streetwear style. Anyway, here everyone can find happiness!

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Showing 1 - 39 of 39 items